Weihnachtspyramide Finished Product


Here is my final design for the weihnachtspyramide. It uses a tinker toy dowels and cog with a finishing nail as the spindle as well as 2 more finishing nails cut to stubs to make the spindle holder. I designed the tree in the middle to be lightweight and functional as it holds the nail and the dowel in place. I added a base plate with the Burning Salmon logo to make the main part an enclosed box. The neck section is removable and is held on by some cross pins. I stained the main structure in a dark walnut. The arms and platforms are a light cherry. The trees and some of the arms are in a rustic sage green.

The bases are decorated in trees and snowflakes. The candle cups are a diamond grip grid pattern that I see a lot on older candle holders. Some of the stems have edelweiss while some are plain.

I also designed some extensions for the candle cups to be able to load in the German taper candles (Pyramidenkerzen) instead of the puck candles.

I'm planning on selling the design files on Etsy as well as making physical ones.

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